Top 5 Ways to Maintain Good Oral Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed our day-to-day life drastically. At Aylmer Family Dental, this has meant postponing all non-essential care and seeing patients for emergency needs only. As always, our greatest concern is helping our patients maintain a healthy and happy smile, and there are several important ways you can do this during the Coronavirus Pandemic:

  1. Most importantly, WASH YOUR HANDS - I know you’ve heard it a thousand times… the best way to protect the health of yourself and others is to wash your hands! In relation to your oral health, this is especially important before you carry out your oral care routine (ie brushing, flossing, etc) as you are coming into direct contact with the entryway to your respiratory tract!
  2. If something is bothering or concerning you with your oral health, contact your dental office ASAP - In many cases, we can change the course and outcome of an urgent dental issue if it is caught soon enough. This can save you pain, infection and even finances, as well as a preventable trip to your dentist. As well, the first step in managing many oral care emergencies involves home measures and medication, and our team of professionals are happy to counsel you in the recommended steps to take.
  3. If you have a nightguard, WEAR IT! - These uncertain times can cause stress for all. As any oral health care professional could tell you, many individuals express their stress by habits such as clenching or grinding their teeth. This can be damaging to the teeth, jaw joint, muscles, and other supporting structures, as well as cause pain and headaches. If you do not have a nightguard but notice yourself clenching and/or grinding, or you are waking up with headaches or sore teeth/jaw, we would highly recommend trying a “boil-and-bite” guard temporarily; you can pick one up at most drug stores.
  4. Use this time to incorporate a new habit - always wanted to start flossing but never seemed like you had the time? Now’s a great chance to start these habits! Most habits take 3-4 weeks to cement into our routine, and with physical distancing looking like the way of life for the foreseeable future this is a great time to do so! Not sure how to floss or use that special tool? There’s lots of great videos on YouTube, or check out this awesome flossing video demonstrated by our amazing Dental Hygienist, Tara!
  5. Make healthy choices - as much as we miss seeing our patients, we would prefer you not need to access emergency services over the next few weeks, and instead stay home! One of the most important ways to do this is to continue to make healthy choices for your oral and overall health. This includes staying away from sugary, sticky or hard foods, and continuing to maintain a good home care routine

BONUS - Keep Smiling! In the ever-changing and stressful days of this pandemic, it can go a long way to give a simple smile! Not only does it improve your mood and lower blood pressure and stress, but it helps to strengthen social support and connections without the risks of physical touch!

Remember, we are here if you need us over the next few weeks. For any questions or concerns you have please reach out at 519-850-2236! Keep smiling 🙂